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Meet the Governors

Chair of Governors - Christopher Llewellyn-Jones
Vice Chair of Governors- Margaret Hacker
Clerk of Governors - Catherine Chambers

Foundation Governors
Sr Marie 
Des Wall
Fr Paul Miller
Anthony Sheehan

Parent Governor
Peter May
Teaching Governor
Helen Samuel
Non-Teaching Governor
Debra Bater

Governors of schools in Wales are responsible for the conduct of the school with a view to
promoting high standards of educational achievement.
From 2006 governing bodies have an explicit legal responsibility to exercise their functions
with a view to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the school’s pupils.
The following principles have been adopted to enable the governing body St John Lloyd Catholic Primary School to discharge its responsibilities and duties effectively and
1. We are entrusted by the Archbishop of Cardiff with the ministry of school
governance and will always act in recognition of the love of Christ for all
members of the school community and one another.
2. We are required to comply with the provisions of Canon Law, the teachings
of the Catholic Church and such directives made by the Bishop and his
Trustees and their agent in respect of the school.
3. We will develop with colleagues on the governing body, a clear vision for the
school and focus our contribution to governing body decisions upon what is
in the best interests of pupils, and be conscious that the welfare of pupils
should always come first in terms of child protection, health and safety,
helping each child to develop their full potential.
4. We have responsibility for determining, monitoring and keeping under
review the broad policies, plans and procedures within which the school
5. We recognise that the headteacher is responsible for the implementation of
policy, management of the school and the implementation and operation of
the curriculum.
6. We will demonstrate a commitment to equality of opportunity and reflect
this in developing and applying all policies (in line with diocesan approval) as
defined in the equalities act 2010.
7. We accept that all governors have equal status, and although appointed or
elected by different groups, our overriding concern will be the welfare of the
school as a whole.
8. We have no legal authority to act individually, except when the governing
body has given us delegated authority to do so.
9. We have a duty to act fairly and without prejudice, and in so far as we have
responsibility for staff, we will fulfil all legal requirements as the employer.
10. We will encourage open government and shall be seen to be doing so and
will be aware of our accountability to parents and others in the local
community and seek to devise effective dialogue with all those interested in
the conduct and standards of the school.
11. We will encourage dialogue with all those interested in the conduct and
standards of the school.
12. We will consider carefully how our decisions may affect other schools and the
wider community.
13. We will ensure that our actions will reflect the considered, best interests of
the school and its pupils.


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